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Release Date: 13-08-2013



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PayDay 2 Download

PayDay 2 PC Download



Payday 2 is a continuation of the popular first person shooter with a network of 2011. Like the first part, the title focuses on co-op mode. Players take on the criminals attacking the banks and convoys of money. In completing the tasks interfere with them by artificial intelligence riot police.

The gameplay of Payday 2 is focused on co-operation – working closely with colleagues from the gang is essential for success. Interfere in the mission guards, police, FBI, SWAT and other criminals. Repeatedly perform the same tasks that are not bored, because it was prepared so that each time I ran a bit different. This allows random events and place settings controlled by the AI opponents. The impact on the gameplay are also shopping before missions, allowing to acquire such codes that open the door or secure a quick escape from the crime scene by helicopter. Compared with the original significant improvement has been artificial intelligence. Enemies are now more challenging enemies and can use many ingenious strategy. Successful completion of the orders we receive additional equipment. The game enriches the system to modify the form of weapons and clothing.


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